Hubble Hausman

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hausman co-founded EWM in 2012 and is the orchestrator of the company’s business strategy. Spending nearly a decade in financial transaction roles (mainly as an investment banker), Mr. Hausman worked closely with dozens of successful growth companies across a variety of industries, helping them consummate mergers and acquisitions and raise capital. He has successfully led large staffs and achieved significant organizational improvements in his varied career. In addition to his role with the EWM, Mr. Hausman spends a limited amount of time with other companies, including serving as Vice President at Maxi, Inc. (a family investment office) and as Director of Corporate Development for CMXTwenty (a clinical stage pharmaceutical company). Prior employers include Robert W. Baird, Credit Suisse and Royal Baths Manufacturing Co.

Paul Wallace

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Wallace co-founded EWM in 2012 and is the inventor of EWM’s innovative processes. He has more than 30 years’ experience in research, technology innovation, project management, and business development roles. He has over 50 patents to his credit. He has worked with large and successful process technology firms including GE, Texaco, and Chevron, where he served in a variety of roles including developing and designing energy, water and treatment projects. He has also been a key player for smaller technology companies where his innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities have served well. His diverse technical background provides him with the unique insight to combine water treatment, chemical production and combined heat and power technologies into a high-efficiency, economically viable, minerals recovery process.

Sue Snyder

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Snyder joined EWM in 2017 as its Chief Operating Officer. With prior experience ranging from a Partner in a major international law firm to Vice President in a Fortune 500 international technology company, Ms. Snyder brings her knowledge and over twenty-seven years of experience in the water, corporate and legal fields to EWM. With a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University as well as a Juris Doctorate from the University of Texas, Ms. Snyder has been instrumental in water endeavors and general corporate needs and growth strategy. She has been involved in creating public private partnerships around the world and has experience negotiating with large companies and governments. She was involved in the largest state incentive package awarded at that time and has overseen business departments and has managed legal and business endeavors. She also has taught classes in business law, international business and environmental law. Some of her prior places of employment include: Vinson & Elkins, LLP, Advanced Micro Devices, and the University of Texas.

Craig Pedersen

Senior Vice President

Mr. Pedersen joined EWM in June 2013. He is a former regional water business line leader for URS Corporation and former Executive Administrator (CEO) at the Texas Water Development Board, where he worked for nearly 11 years. Mr. Pedersen serves as EWM’s Senior Vice President and brings broad knowledge of water supply and other water-related issues. Mr. Pedersen has been involved with hundreds of water projects as a planner, financier and project implementer both in his years as a state official and as a principal with URS. Until recently, he also served as Director of the Executive Masters in Public Leadership Program at the University of Texas.

Samuel K. (Kim) Fletcher

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Mr. Fletcher joined EWM in October 2014 with a broad background of experience in the industrial chemical industry. He has approximately 50 years’ experience in the chemical industry serving in a variety of challenging sales & marketing assignments. This experience includes direction of sales teams, customer service groups, R&D teams, transportation and distribution functions, plant-operating groups. His work and affiliations in the chemical industry includes service with Mobil Oil’s chemical purchasing group, Diamond Shamrock Chemical Corp in a number of positions of responsibility in sales, SSC in Atlanta as Director of Sales & Marketing, Pioneer Chlor-Alkali Company (where he was affiliated for eighteen years and served as Eastern Region Manager managing and VP Sales & Marketing for 97% of the company’s chlorine production and 85% of their system-wide NaOH production), Olin Chlor Alkali Co. and Martin Product Sales Co.

Chris Komlos

Chemical Engineer

Mr. Komlos joined EWM in September 2016. A 2011 graduate of Purdue University, he brings with him a broad knowledge of chemical process and facilities engineering. Mr. Komlos is a former Process Engineer at Jacobs Engineering, where he worked for nearly 4 years developing Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Projects. He works closely with Mr. Wallace and EWM's partners to develop and engineer EWM's projects.